International SEO

Global SEO

Relax – We’ve Got It Covered

You may know what Search Engine Optimization is, but how do you do it? We know that garnering rankings on a national scale can be intimidating, but internationally is a whole different monster. However, don’t be worried. We have it under control. Our experience as both a local and global SEO firm puts us firmly in the driver’s seat. We can craft a strong campaign that will not give you similarly strong traffic and rankings in the Global SEO and International SEO spectrum as we do for our local clients.

Techniques That Get Results

Our team of SEO specialists utilizes strategies that will bring quality traffic to your business. Initializing anSEO campaign without the proper approach can hurt your company more than it helps. We will do the heavy lifting to secure your business’ place of dominance online.

How We Build an International Campaign

Secure International Top Level Domains

Buying and using websites that are accessible to an international audience makes your business appeal to a larger search engine market. International Top Level Domains include but are not limited to .de (Germany), .jp (Japan), and .ca (Canada). If you want to gain access to a specific international market, purchase your domain with an international extension.

International Language Optimization

Part of being a global company is working in more than one language. If your target audience speaks French, German and Japanese it is best if your website has copy written using those languages. We understand that a website that can make use of local terminology becomes more valuable to search engines. By using keywords that pinpoint your audience, as well as catering to their language and terminology, we will increase your ranking and conversion in the countries you want to do business with.

Hosting Globally

An essential part of an international online business is hosting a site in the country whose audience you want to reach. We will help your business set up a site that is internationally hosted in order to maximize your business potential.

Global Backlinks and Keywords

We provide quality backlinks to your site from international blogs, forums, and groups. Depending on where you want to rank, we can get you links for .co, .fr, .jp and others. These links will enable search engines like Google and Yahoo! to see that your site reaches beyond our national borders. Our experts will create articles with international keyword appeal that will create inbound links from overseas. We take into account global keyword volume and target words that will generate backlinks to your site.

Sizeable Campaign Experience

We have the experience to run even the biggest campaigns. Terms that generate high –volume traffic take longer to lock in than more specialized terminology. However, we have the knowhow to grab top spots in even the most popular keyword searches.