Social Media Optimization

If your website is not receiving the traffic you expected, an insignificant social media profile could be the culprit. Spyderwise offers Social Media Optimization, or SMO, to build your website’s social media profile and increase traffic to your site. SMO involves increasing social media activity in both on- and off-page methods. These practices will increase your site and you’re your company’s interactivity and bring unique visitors to your website.


How Social Media Optimization Can Help You
• Traffic will be driven from a source other than search engines
• Improved rankings on search engines
• Helps viral, or word-of-mouth, marketing
• Improves your online reputation
• Develops a healthy relationship between you and your consumers

What Spyderwise Can Offer
Spyderwise Media offers proven methods of Social Media Optimization. Our campaigns include the following options:
• Social news and “sharing” buttons
• Unique RSS feeds
• User rating tools
• Third-party video and photo incorporation
• Promotional blogs and blog maintenance
• Industry-related discussion group participation
• Status updates on Facebook, Twittter, and other social media sites

Social media is one of the most popular functions of the internet, and being a member of the online community will increase your brand awareness and improve consumer relations. Creating and consistently updating a social media profile will help your website build SEO value, bring in new customers, and keep existing consumers happy and involved. Contact Spyderwise Media today to see what Social Media Optimization can do for you!