Mobile Web Design

There are five billion mobile phones in operation, so it’s very important to make sure your website has a good mobile web design. There are three times as many phones as personal computers in the world, and an increasing number of users are accessing the internet via their phones. To stay on top, make sure your website is mobile-compatible.

Mobile Website Design Process

• Your company must first design and create a website. Spyderwise Media has a team of amazing professional web designers and programmers that can develop your website in a breeze.
• Once you have a website, the basic design and structure is formatted to fit a mobile website.
• Your new mobile website will bring in a great deal of traffic and sustain conversion due to the mobile-friendly interface.

Why Go Mobile?

There was a 2.4% increase in mobile searches in 2010, and that number will continue to rise. If your company has neglected to embrace a mobile website, you are missing out on a profusion of potential customers.

Considerations for Mobile Web Designs

Simplicity: Online websites are packed with information and images that are appealing to desktop users; however, a mobile phone is a smaller device that requires a minimalistic website. The simpler things are, the quicker mobile browsers can find the necessary information.

Navigation: Be sure to keep the important navigation items on your mobile site. Websites that have a large amount of navigation and menu buttons should trim down their navigation for a mobile site.

Branding: Mobile sites should have fewer design variations and colors. The mobile site should retain your recognizable brand, but everything else should be toned down to keep the mobile site simple.

Verbiage: Content is King, but mobile sites don’t have the capacity to fit as much information as a site designed for desktop browsing. When designing a mobile site, it’s smart to include only the most important information.

Mobile or Standard Site?: When browsers land on your site, be sure to give them the option to visit the mobile or standard website. This will give your potential customers the chance to find information quickly and easily on your mobile site or to browse through all the available info on your main site.