A Pay-Per-Click advertisement is one that is placed on the top of a search engine results page. The ad provides a direct link to your website. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay a fee. Pay-Per-Click works because it gets your business to the top of search engine results quickly.

How We Use PPC

Advertising through a PPC campaign has been proven to work. Your business’ potential conversions will rise, as the PPC ads push traffic to your site. Our pay-per-click campaign strategies include:

• We research everything that could have a potential impact on your conversion results. Time, position and price of your PPC advertisements are all factors that we analyze to give you the best results.
• Demographic and geographic data gathering of your target audience in order to gather the most relevant and impactful keywords. Proper keyword selection ensures traffic is directed towards your website.
• Adherence to search engine standards.
• Continual research of search engines, tracking of search engine changes to optimize your PPC campaign.
• Review of keywords, price, and ad placement to make sure that we are providing the most effective campaign.
• Pay-per-click budget management.
• Creation of ad copy that boosts conversions through informative and persuasive elements.

Conquer Competition

We will create a pay-per-click campaign that fits your budget and your business. Through specific targeting of industry-related keywords, we will increase your online leads. Our campaigns offer the following services:

• Landing page enhancement
• Pay-per-click account optimization
• Active campaign management

Let our experience with PPC campaigns speak for itself – call us today to get started!