Online Reputation Management (ORM)

The Internet is one of the most heavily used pieces of technology out there today. Everyone uses it. Because of its ease of use and access, your business could be in danger of falling into a pit of reputation issues, even if you work hard to keep it out. Bad reviews on sites like Yahoo, Google and Yelp are only one of the factors that can create a bad reputation for a company. Issues like copyright infringement and unfriendly news articles can also decrease the online reputation of any site on the internet.

We have the tools to get your business in the green. We strive to paint your company with a positive brush, not only in the media but on review sites and other places on the web. If an issue already exists, we can take care of that too.

A Bad Reputation is Like a Disease

If your company’s reputation has already taken a hit it can take more than one online reputation renovation effort to get it back in tip top shape. We employ several different techniques depending on your business’ needs that help us to fix any and all online reputation problems.

We customize each technique to fit your company and can work through any issue.

We offer the following ORM services:

• Social Network inspection on sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc…We check for negative feedback, destructive comments, user questions and concerns, and dangerous updates.

• Review site monitoring. Addressing customer problems and complaints on sites like Yelp and Google Listings.

• Search Engine Result Page (SERP) monitoring. Checking for copyright violations, bad reviews, and more.

• Creation of positive articles to submit to directories. Pushing out positive information and circulating good web content.

• Onsite and offsite blog maintenance. Including review, management and posting.

• Forum monitoring. Keeping up with and addressing customer questions, concerns, problems and generating positive customer feedback.

• Monitoring of social news sites like Digg and Reddit to resolve any negative media issues.

Invest in Your Company’s Future

Getting started with an online reputation management campaign is a big step in the right direction for the well-being of your business. By making the investment in your company’s online reputation now, you are securing its future. What you can achieve with an ORM campaign:

• More money. An ORM campaign allows to you connect with your fans and customers in an effective, low-priced way. Your company will save by engaging in ORM now.

• Insight into customer viewpoints. See how they perceive your competitors.

• Discover new profit driving markets. Customer feedback can help you tap into niche areas.

• Improved natural search results for your business. ORM enables you to better understand which keywords drive traffic to your site.